Tollring’s 8.4 million terminals mark another strong year for business analytics

Tollring reports that it now monitors more than 8.4 million cloud endpoints globally across its portfolio of cloud business analytics, call recording and telecommunications fraud protection services. The company has expanded its business across all regions, with customer growth exceeding 50% in Europe and APAC over the past 12 months.

Additionally, iCall Suite’s cloud business customers now total over 17,000, with the average number of calls now recorded among its cloud users now exceeding 400,000 per day.

Tollring continues its three-year growth strategy, with investments in human resources, which has increased the workforce to more than 120 employees worldwide. Along with its investment in talent, investment in product innovation, sales and marketing accelerated during the year as the company strives to realize its ambition to be the leader global enterprise communications analytics market.

Over the past year, Tollring has invested over £2 million in its Microsoft business unit alone, spanning the launch of Analytics 365, its collaboration analytics app for Microsoft Teams, as well as research and development, certifications and accreditations, and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring, says: “Every company, regardless of size, looks to data to drive business decisions. This insight not only enables stakeholders to clearly understand the experience of their customers and employees, but also provides the evidence needed to continuously improve customer retention strategies as hybrid working practices mature.

“Our investment in Microsoft is important and essential to our evolution. We are expanding our knowledge to cover how people communicate and collaborate. We see the use of Microsoft Teams at the heart of how we collaborate with our colleagues and customers, so it is imperative that we provide our business customers with relevant information on all forms of communication, from call to collaboration.

“Our latest native Analytics 365 app for Microsoft Teams delivers essential workplace insights that can help people, improve collaboration, and provide insight that drives business performance.

“By providing analytics services across multiple UCaaS, CCaaS and collaboration platforms, we are able to empower our community of service providers and channel partners operating in 20 countries to deliver best-in-class analytics solutions. customer loyalty and market communications management. We want to ensure that our partners can meet the changing needs and expectations of their customers. This drives our innovation, and our product roadmap has never been more exciting in our entire history! »


Lance B. Holton