Top 10 Hotel Tech Trends You Need to Know in 2022

by Analytics Insight

April 9, 2022

Hotel technology: latest technology trends in the hotel industry in 2022

Hospitality technology is used in a wide variety of IT businesses, online businesses, and similar innovative arrangements within the technology business. It is generally expected that the use of this technology will make life easier for representatives of a company or improve the general understanding of hotel customers. For example, hotel technology could help develop automation and facilitate staff accountability. The work of technology in the hospitality industry has definitely expanded.

Why is hotel technology essential?

Technology plays a huge part in our daily existence. He also became coordinated in the daily tasks of a hotel business. As hotels return and work towards full occupancy, technology has become more important than at any other time, and it will take on a vital role in recovery.

Hotel technology can be used across all divisions to improve the visitor experience, streamline operations, oversee post-COVID-19 conventions, and further develop correspondence between staff and visitors. Here are 3 rationales why you should involve technology in hospitality:

  • Hotel visitors need a simple and seamless experience with the hotel industry. technology is enabling this to happen in the hospitality industry, especially as contactless neighborhood is proving to be more common.
  • Individuals seek accommodation and hotel visitors are the same. Many hotels have created a guest app where visitors receive valuable data, for example, nearby entertainment scenes, cafes, bars, clinical offices, etc.
  • Modern communication steps are used by the hospitality industry. Technology is fundamental to working with communication, especially in a huge and dispersed industry. Visitors can get reservation privileges, cafe and bar opening hours and room administration via instant message or app – which is easier and time-saving.

10 hotel technology trends

1. Migration to the cloud – The hospitality industry has begun to shift to cloud technologies. From OpEx cost advantages over primary concern to the incorporation of scheduling, new advancements come from emerging technology.

2. Automation of administration via AI – With advances in artificial intelligence (AI), accommodations are taking better approaches to connecting with visitors carefully while opening up to hotel staff. This further develops the experience of movement as linguistic contrasts can be erased, ensuring clear communication with explorers.

3. Built-in guest apps – Hotel apps from individual cell phones are the usual place to get these capabilities. A cleverly planned app joins everything from bargain alerts to hostel administrations.

4. Go contactless – From motion sensors and voice control of machines, to IoT gadgets and natural language processing (NLP), it has given hotels the stockpile of tools to pair these emerging technologies with their coordinated guest applications. Decreased contact with normally contacted interfaces keeps visitors safe and allows housekeeping staff to clean and schedule rooms faster.

5. Wireless mobile devices for staff – SIP-DECT is a portability empowerment option unlike VoWLAN and radio networks which are beginning to stand out in the hospitality industry. Hotel administrative staff, such as housekeeping staff, valet, attendant, and casual staff, are often in a rush. With somewhat minimal outlay, simplicity of arrangement and quality, unsurprising voice quality, is ready to take off.

6. Location-Based Services – Being prepared to understand where accommodation staff and visitors are at random times, opens a wide range of open doors to further develop the visitor experience. From passing administration to visitors wherever they are on the property, to assisting staff, working all the more efficiently.

7. Technology fairs and leisure trips – As professions move towards mixed-race and remote work, the lines between work and life continue to blur. The workers participating in “Bleisure” take a trip and need to be able to escape from their room while approaching the Wi-Fi to relax or finish their work.

8. Self-service meeting spaces – Client companies are gradually asking for the activation of cutting-edge innovation in dance halls and event halls, too. Savvy accommodations are realizing that they need these spaces to be basically as easy to understand as they expect. The A/V rooms of the past that necessarily hired engineers, from now on are not an option.

9. Social Listening – In a neighborhood world where information sharing and online surveys have more impact, this is one of the reasons that an ever-increasing number of accommodations have begun to put resources into survey instruments. social listening. These devices allow accommodations to know the needs, desires, complaints, etc. visitors.

10. Premonitory analysis – As new technologies are added to further develop the visitor experience, the product and gadgets will create an ever-increasing amount of information. When the lights or TV come on, staff can know the normal time a visitor wakes up.

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