Top 10 No-Code Platforms for Building Advanced Robotic Applications

by Sayantani Sanyal

April 1, 2022

The Rise of No-Code Platforms Among Enterprises Indicates Growing Business Agility and Productivity

Over the past two years, advancements in technology have really influenced humans negatively. Humans now have the ability to change society, the economy and their industries and improve operational efficiency and flexibility, which has largely contributed to the growth of low-code and no-code platforms has many. No-code platforms offer users the ability to build an application without needing to write even a line of code using a GUI, allowing them to drag and drop modular and reusable components to build their application . The extensive use of best no-code platforms enabled solution-focused employees to build useful applications without having any engineering or technical background. These weak or no-code platforms can also be used to develop artificial intelligence and robot applications transparently. In this article, we noted the best no-code platforms which can be effectively used to create robotic applications.

UiPath Apps

UiPath Apps is a low-code, no-code app builder that aims to deliver engaging experiences powered by automation. The platform’s App Studio allows users to quickly build visually appealing business apps using just a web browser via a rich library of drag-and-drop commands.

data crawler

DataRobot app builder is one of the best no-code platform that can be used to build AI and robotics apps. The platform allows the user to quickly transform any model into an AI or robotics application, without the need for coding. This makes it much easier for business users and information workers to leverage the predictions generated by their models and make informed, technology-driven decisions.


Crowdbotics provides a simple, agile, and efficient no-code platform for building robotics apps for web, iOS, and Android. Their expert developers can estimate, define, create, test and launch these applications. Moreover, the platform is quite well-known in the open source field and quite smartly selects the code packages that would best suit the project.


Clarifai is a leading deep learning AI platform for computer vision, natural language processing and automatic speech recognition. The platform aims to help businesses and public sector organizations transform unstructured images, videos, text and audio data into structured data, much faster and more accurately than humans can. by themselves.

Panda Suite

PandaSuite offers one of the most interesting and interactive no-code platforms for designing robotics and other applications. Using this platform, users can add buttons, components, create animations, and build exciting interactive wireframes, apps, and prototypes.


ObviouslyAI uses state-of-the-art natural language processing systems to perform complex tasks on user-defined CSV data. It is one of the best no-code platform which can be effectively used for creating robotic applications. The platform allows users to integrate data from other sources, as well as Salesforce, Redshift, and other related platforms.


Mendix is ​​a low-code mobile development platform for designing and developing mobile applications. The platform specifically offers a no-code and low-code landscape that manages application development through a visual, model-based environment, which improves the speed and efficiency of the application development process.


Akkio is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to supercharge regular marketing and finance tasks with the power of AI and robotics. Enterprise professionals using Akkio can train and deploy models in less than 5 minutes, without the need for consultants.

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps helps users quickly build problem-solving apps while renovating processes to increase business agility. They offer pre-made templates and a drag-and-drop feature so they can start building bots and other apps as quickly as possible. Thus, the team can opt for immediate deployment and carry out business operations with agility.


Caspio is another great option for building cloud apps without coding. The platform is ideal for building scalable, reliable, and secure online database applications. It empowers over 15,000 customers globally and helps optimize business workflows efficiently.

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