Total War Medieval 2 is coming to mobile | iPhone and iPad Gaming Reviews

Great news for strategy buffs, Total War Medieval 2 has been announced for a mobile release very soon. Starting April 7, players can enjoy the BAFTA-nominated strategy classic on iOS and Android in all its glory.

As its name suggests, Total War Medieval 2 is set in the Middle Ages, with a map that stretches from Western Europe to the sands of Arabia. There are countless realms to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. England, for example, has superb longbowmen and strong infantry, but their cavalry is lacking. Further east, the Byzantine Empire has excellent heavy cavalry and missile cavalry, although they lack gunpowder in later periods.

Being based in those turbulent years, combat is obviously a priority in this game. Battles are very strategic affairs, taking place in real time with options to fast forward, slow down, or pause the action to assess the situation. There are several fighting styles to participate in; open conflicts, siege or defense, but the main objectives are mainly to destroy the opponent’s army by strategically moving your troops and attacking the enemy, each type of soldier having their strengths and weaknesses to keep in mind .

Apart from the battles, there is still a lot to do. Taking place in a turn-based style, players can engage in diplomacy to strengthen their kingdoms, with success depending on several factors, such as whether you are currently at war with the person you are trying to speak with, whether you’re at war with one of their allies, or you just have a bad reputation. By constantly breaking truces or alliances, other factions will be less likely to engage in diplomacy. Trade deals can be negotiated to increase revenue, alliances can be forged for offensive or defensive purposes, or if strong enough, smaller factions can be threatened to merge with the playable kingdom, growing without bloodshed. useless.

Total War Medieval 2 will be released on Thursday, April 7 for $14.99. Players can pre-order on the App store and google play now to get in on the action as soon as possible.

Lance B. Holton