Uber wins 30-month license in London

Peter Summers | Getty Images

LONDON — Uber was granted a 30-month license to continue operating in London, ending a long battle with city regulators over whether the ride-sharing app was “fit and proper”.

“Uber has been granted a private hire vehicle operator license in London for a period of two and a half years,” a Transport for London spokesperson said in a statement on Saturday.

The move ends a years-long row with the agency, which twice revoked Uber’s license in London – once in 2017 and a second time in 2019. Authorities were concerned about the ability of the company to ensure the safety of passengers. Uber then won an 18-month London license in court.

Uber has sought to turn on the charm over the years, adding new safety features to its platform and striking a deal with Britain’s GMB to officially recognize its private drivers’ union.

The company reclassified all of its UK drivers as workers last year after the country’s highest court ruled that a group of drivers should be treated as workers instead of independent contractors, entitling them to benefits. job protections such as minimum wages, paid holidays and pensions.

“TfL rightly holds our industry to the highest regulatory and safety standards and we are delighted to have reached their high bar,” said Jamie Heywood, Uber’s regional general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe. ‘Is, in a statement.

The decision removes a key source of uncertainty for Uber in the UK – London is its biggest European market – and comes as the company faces rising inflation amid the twin challenges of a labor shortage work and soaring energy prices. Uber raised fares in London by 10% in November.

Lance B. Holton