Ulverston-based cleaning company invests in pioneering app

AN ULVERSTON-based cleaning company has developed pioneering app technology to enable it to deliver same-day reports to its customers.

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning, which operates across the country, has invested in a specialist app that allows its staff to compile work reports.

Anna Ellwood, Managing Director of Hy5, said: “Investing in this app has truly revolutionized our operations and makes life so much easier for everyone involved.

“From an administrative point of view, it’s so much easier for everyone. Technicians can take photos and upload them instantly rather than having to go back and email them, and that means that I can complete the reports the same day the cleaning took place.

“It’s a clear benefit to the client because once they’ve paid the invoice, we can send the report for certification, and it just reduces the wait time for that to happen to receive the certification required for ensure that all paperwork is kept up to date.”

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning is one of the few companies in the UK to hold BESCA (Building Engineering Services Competent Assessment) Vent Hygiene Elite (VHE) accreditation which was introduced to ensure that all ventilation systems in commercial kitchens are cleaned as required. Level TR19.

The technology allows micron measurements of grease to be taken and the app automatically calculates how often a cleaning job should be done using the readings as a surefire guide.

Anna said: “It’s really smart technology and the automatic readings and calculations eliminate the risk of human error when determining how often cleaning is needed for safety purposes.”

Hy5 Managing Director Keith Simm said: “Over time the amount of grease that builds up in a kitchen’s ventilation system is enormous and they can easily catch fire due to the nature of intense heat and open flames. These greases are highly flammable and once ignited, the flames spread extremely quickly.

“You shouldn’t think about the worst-case scenarios in schools and nursing homes where you could have hundreds of vulnerable people trying to get out of the building at the same time.

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Lance B. Holton