Wear OS supports YouTube Music, Channel Analytics gets more features

YouTube updated the Wear OS app and also updated channel analytics for creators. These updates come after the video sharing and streaming platform announced the video highlight graph for YouTube Premium users.

youtube music Wear OS app

YouTube Music on Wear OS has been a little lackluster, but not for long, as Google announced that starting this week you’ll be able to stream music over LTE or WiFi, even without a phone. Wear OS devices also get an updated YouTube Music tile, allowing quick access to the app.

The app also comes with the Smart Downloads feature, which refreshes the songs you’ve downloaded to your watch whenever it’s connected to WiFi. The app will even offer personalized playlists based on your listening history.

Channel Analytics

The streaming platform has introduced improved analysis options in YouTube Studio. With the growing popularity of short videos – YouTube Shorts with creators in addition to live streaming, YouTube creators can now get channel analytics based on content type. YouTube shorts get over 30 billion views on average, but views aren’t everything, the analytics tab will show a lot more information about different types of content.

The Content tab with YouTube Shorts and Live etc. will only appear in analytics if the creator has uploaded the content type. This new update will be rolling out over the next few weeks to all creators on all platforms.

Lance B. Holton