Whalemap Blockchain Analytics Platform Announces $ 1.6 Million Increase to Simplify Blockchain Data for Daily Use

Whalemap, a popular blockchain analytics platform that uses data science to deliver actionable real-time business insights, announced the successful closing of a $ 1.6 million capital led by Shima Capital and Momentum6 , with the participation of Anthony Pompliano, Ghaf Capital, NFT Technologies, RR2 Capital, EIV Ventures, as well as angel investors from Coin98, Claystack, Solstarter and Rarestone.

Since its inception in early 2020, Whalemap has been committed to making the blockchain industry more beginner-friendly, exciting, fun, and useful. To date, the company has secured over 34,000 users and over one million API requests for life. One of the main goals of the team is to shed light on data and information that is traditionally only available to hedge funds, while keeping it visually intuitive and straightforward.

Whalemap co-founder Artem Lazarev said: “We see a future where blockchain analysis is an integral part of a mature crypto-economy. And in the age of information overload, it’s important to make it practical, attractive, and compatible with the general public. Until now, blockchains have allowed the democratization of the world of finance. Now, with the help of Whalemap, it’s analytics’ turn.

“Strong on-chain analyzes in the crypto space have yet to be resolved and Shima Capital is delighted to support Whalemap, which has the opportunity to become the Crypto Board. “ said Yida Gao, founder of Shima Capital.

Whalemap Co-Founder Andy Bohutsky said: “Whalemap makes all traders equal. We democratize data and give every crypto enthusiast the key to analyzing blockchain data. We use our tokemomics to make the data level of hedge funds accessible to everyone. “

The funds raised will be used to expand the Whalemap engineering team, especially on the data science and blockchain engineering side, and to integrate all of Whalemap’s functionality into an analytics platform. of sustainable blockchain data with widespread adoption in mind. For this, the team is extending the platform’s functionalities with mempool and DeFi analyzes.

Whalemap also has a strong focus on educational content creation and accessibility, partnering with Kouroush AK, Joseph Young and other thought leaders who share the team’s belief in educating the masses on the important potential of blockchain data. The company will announce more details about its audience soon. sale scheduled for December 17, 2021.

You can stay up to date with Whalemap on their official website or Twitter.

Lance B. Holton