Yelp updates its Android app with a revamped home feed and map search – TechCrunch

Yelp is updating its Android app to introduce a new vertical home feed and search results with maps for better restaurant discovery, following the release of a similar update for iOS users last year. from Yelp.

The company said the new vertical feed features highlights from local businesses and popular dishes from restaurants around you. Yelp also plans to feature user-generated content, like reviews, on the app’s home screen soon.

The Android redesign also brings an updated map to explore features to bring a visual element to search. It comes after Instagram rolled out a searchable map experience for location discovery last month.

The changes come at a time when younger generations are searching and discovering more places to do business through social media and visual content, instead of more traditional utility-like services. At a recent conference, for example, Google Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan noted that younger users are turning to apps like Instagram and TikTok to find new places.

The new design of Yelp’s Home Feed for Android Picture credits: Yelp

With the update, Yelp redesigned the signup page and business pages with a focus on enhancing photos. The company said it has also made improvements to the backend for a faster app experience.

“In addition to improving our home page, search results and business pages, we have also made significant improvements to the backend to improve application load times, significantly reduce application errors and provide a better overall app experience. Users can also expect to see new Android updates roll out more quickly in the future,” Yelp noted in a statement.

Yelp’s new update will be rolling out to Android users in 900 US cities in the coming weeks.

Earlier this year, the company expanded its partnership with Hazel Analytics to show accurate health ratings on 700,000 business pages.

Lance B. Holton