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Popular video search engine YouTube is testing a set of analysis options for its Creator Studio. The company says its goal is to help provide users with more information that could help them better create their content strategy.

The platform has even previewed some of the available options that highlight how users engage, search, and perform different activities on the app. He also showed how they are currently testing various topics seen on the platform.

Overall, these new features are going to be incorporated into the app’s Search Insights that we heard about last year. Meanwhile, the first phase of the feature launched in April this year.

It was the first time that creators had a better idea of ​​what people like on their channels and on other people’s channels.

The company adds that the new launch could really be so useful in terms of planning. But seeing the app pay more attention to giving this approach a bit more depth is truly wonderful. This way, many creators get a chance to see what’s trending and what topics are making people’s boats float. So, what more do you need to create the ultimate search strategy?

The newest addition added first is called Watch Interest. This is available only on the desktop and displays a lot of trending information in the search world on the app. But now there is more news about adding Watch Activity for any topic.

Because you’re targeting a particular topic, it’s always a good idea to see what’s new in that particular niche, the company adds. So if we were to really sum it all up, well, now you can have the best idea of ​​what your viewers are watching with interest and how they switch between particular video content based on the recommendations at your fingertips .

It’s amazing how technology can now tell you how users jump between videos with a single click. And that, too, is without the entry of any key terms. We believe there is no better way to add value to your strategy than this.

But that’s not all. The platform wants to include additional information related to what your audience is watching on a particular topic. This information will eventually show users a guide on how to base their new content strategy effectively.

Similarly, analytics will also give users additional details about what is interesting in terms of a certain topic. And it could end up giving you great returns in the long run. After all, you are maximizing appeals to your specific users.

Finally, we have some cool insights on how the feature will also drive personalized insights related to what your target viewers like and save.

Experts say recording a video is a pretty good indication of what piques a user’s interest. So you definitely want to come back to that. Likewise, we’ve heard the app talk about getting your schedule straight from engagement data. This will highlight certain interests regarding specific niches.

You can think of it as a way to shine the light related to getting the best chance to grow and become a better creator.

So, as you can see, you can now say goodbye to old approaches and adopt new ones related to real trends, instead of just focusing on promotions.

The insights feature is currently being tested, but the platform hopes to roll it out to all creators soon so they can benefit from it in the future.

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Lance B. Holton